About Pandallax

In 2020 I decided to try my hand at creating high quality and highly informative achievement hunting guides. Since then we've received an overwhelming amount of support from our wonderful community, and have been releasing weekly video guides on Youtube as well as written guides here on our website. I'm excited for the future of the channel, website, and upcoming Twitch streams.



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What types of games do you offer guides for?

We offer guides for a wide range of video games including both AAA and indie games. No genre is off-limits so you can expect to see anything from action, to strategy, to RPG, to racing, etc.

Are the guides updated for the latest versions of the games?

We do our best to keep guides updated to ensure they are accurate and relevant for the latest versions of games. As we're still on our way to doing this full time sometimes there will be delays... :)

Is there a cost to access the guides?

Nope! All of our guides are available for free on our website as well as our video guides on Youtube.

What are your PC Specs?

You can check out my current PC Specs over on the gear page of the website!