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The parallel processing unit is required to progress through the story in Subnautica: Below Zero, but it can be very hard to find. This guide will show you the easiest method to finding these, and getting it crafted, so that you can continue your journey to 100% the game!

The Setup

You'll first be tasked with creating the parallel processing unit after you meet Marguerit and have to follow her down to her lair. While down there with her, she's going to ask you to help her disable the communications at a nearby tower that you've likely already seen.

To do this, you have to craft a parallel processing unit and boy howdy can it be hard to find all the schematics. You can find all three parts of this scattered among the Mercury II wreckage which sounds simple enough, but there are actually multiple chunks of the wreckage that you have to find.

There are three wreckage areas we can go to, the stern, bow, and thruster, but for the purpose of making this the easiest guide possible we're going to ignore the bow. It's not necessarily that much harder to get to, but it is the hardest of the three to navigate and we're just trying to keep things as easy as possible.

As far as tools go you'll just of course need your sea glide, some ways to get more oxygen whether that be multiple oxygen tanks, a rebreather, whatever you've got at the time, and a laser cutter. You probably will also have a sea truck by this point because it would be hard to get down deep enough for Marguerit without it.

The Stern

Now the main, big chunk of the Mercury II wreckage for the stern is around these coordinates listed below. It's right behind the big Delta Island at the edge of the purple vents and tree spires biomes.

75, -40, -888

I know the coordinates may not help everyone find it so we're going to start from the delta island dock and I'll show you how to navigate over there. Starting in the water at the dock, we'll jump in the sea truck and just kind of wrap around the left of the island. You'll get to the purple vents area and out to your left here you'll see the back thruster part of the stern, but we'll go around to the other side of the wreckage to actually enter it. There are many entrances, but the one pictured below seems the easiest to get to the processor parts that you need to scan.

You'll go into this entrance, straight back and use the laser cutter on this door.

Go through there, up the stairs to the right and between the engine areas to get around the first one where you'll find the first processor unit to scan.

Now with that one you can turn around from there, head through the hole in the wall, down the hole in the floor, and turn to the left to find another spot on the wall where you need to use the laser cutter to cut the processor unit out and scan it. Now we just need one more piece to scan and we can do that from the next piece of wreckage.

The Thruster

The second chunk of the Mercury II wreckage is over near the edge of the purple vents and lilypad islands around 1000m southeast of the drop pod, and 600m east of the delta station dock at the coordinates listed below.

474, -151, -630

Of course we'll walk through how to find it without coordinates, so starting from the first piece of wreckage we've been at, we'll go back up to the top and the back. This was one of the easiest spots I found to line up and navigate from so you'll come to the back and top of the thruster area and just line up from the edge of it facing east by northeast, or out towards the drop pod and delta island dock markers.

Then just go straight from there, or as straight as you can while avoiding danger along the way, and look to the ground and to the left a bit. You're mostly just sticking to the edge of the purple vent biome until you get to this last drop off where you'll find the thruster sitting above an underwater ravine.

Then we'll head around the side of it to this area by the thruster where there are blue barrel looking things on the side. There's a hole to the right of that we can enter in from, take a left down the hall, then a right at the end of the hall, and this processor unit will be on the wall to the left in that room. You'll just need to again use the laser cutter to cut it out.

Crafting and Using It

Now with all of those pieces of the blueprints we can craft the unit with one gold, one silver ore, and one table coral sample. Nothing too crazy. Then you'll need that parallel processing unit, one titanium, one lead, and one copper wire (which is two copper ore) for the test override module.

With that made you're free to disable the communication tower at delta island and continue on with the story.

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EASIEST Parallel Processing Unit Fragments Locations - Subnautica Below Zero Guide

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