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This week we'll be going over all of the achievements in Turlock Holmes. There are 19 achievements in the game and it takes about an average of 9 hours to complete, but with this guide you'll get it done A LOT quicker.

Shell Breaker

Shell Breaker

With this game there are two sets of achievements to go over. One of which we have to get through to really be able to go through the other set, so we'll go ahead and get into those. When you hit start game you'll be able to get "Shell Breaker" for mastering the tutorial. You'll just need to follow through the steps of the tutorial until you get to the end of it and you'll get this achievement.

Turlock Holmes Basics

Essentially you'll just be typing out words to guess what words are in the story, and you can use mushrooms to pay to unlock words without guessing. Red ones are the ones that actually matter, and once you have all of those revealed, you have that story finished. You can also ask questions and the Turlock AI will answer you.

Story Collection Achievements

Now getting into these stories you essentially have an achievement for going through each of the collections of stories. "My Story", "Tangled Hearts", "Dangerous Job", "Final Scene", "Home Alone", and "Classic Stories" are all for completing the collection by the same name.

Some tips on how I'd go through these quickly and to make at least some of them more interesting, because believe me, it gets very tedious and loses the interesting spark after you do one or two of these. I would go through a couple normally and guess a few words, if you get stuck at all I would use your mushrooms to reveal a red word, because again, you only need to reveal the red words to get through each level.

Then once you have a good amount of mushrooms just skip through the levels by revealing the red words by default. If you want to do a little bit of min-maxing you can write out a string of common words like the, and, a, an, it, on, she, he, they, so and just paste that at the beginning, farm a bunch of mushrooms from everything that gets revealed, then pay for the red words.

Employing those methods should allow you to get through these levels pretty quickly and not have to spend too much time on it.

Perfect Cabin

Perfect Cabin

Loosely related to all of that is "Perfect Cabin" for collecting all of the Turlock's stuff. You get things for the Turlock periodically while you're grinding out the collections, so you'll get this naturally while grinding out that first section.

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface

You'll also be getting red mushrooms for each of the levels you get through on those collections which lead us into the next section. The underground achievements. These are like some choose your own adventure options of a story that you can go through and pay a red mushroom to move through each option.

"Beneath the Surface" is for investigating the underground which just means going into it and spending a mushroom. I got it upon opening the game the first time so the achievement might be bugged currently, but hey at least a good kind of bug and not one where you just can't get it at all.

Underground Achievements

Now once you get into the underground area of the game and start using the mushrooms to navigate the highlighted words, you'll start getting the rest of the achievements. You'll essentially just want to click through the words to go to each tab at the bottom and when one of the tabs still has a new word for you to click into it'll be highlighted yellow. Remember that you have to spend the red mushrooms that you earn for each of the story collection levels so you'll want to complete all of those before starting the underground.

The achievements that go with this area all correlate to getting to the tab at the bottom by the same name. Those are going to be "The Smell", "The Loop", "The Wandering", "The Game", "The Tear", "The Truth", "The Note", "The Fight", "The Lie", and "The Journey."

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