Slime Rancher - 100% Achievement Guide Part 1

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This guide will be going over all of the achievements in Slime Rancher. It's a nice little indie game all about finding different kinds of slimes, ranching them, and even combining them into bigger, even better, slimes. With some story sprinkled in of course.

This guide is split between 2 parts, if you're if you're looking for an achievement not featured in this part, view the other part:

Part 1

Part 2

Achievement Stats

Number of Achievements - 57
True Steam Achievements Score - 937

SteamHunters Score - 9,193

Exophase Score - 8,955

Average Completion Time - 48h 18m
Average Completion Percentage - 45.79%

Selling Plorts Achievements

Plort Peddler - Sell 100 plorts at the Plort Market

This should be one of the first ones you get, because it's literally just for shooting 100 plorts (the things you make money from) into the market. You can get plorts by picking them up out in the field, or by ranching some slimes and feeding them food.

Transplorter - Sell 500 plorts at the Plort Market

Plort Authority - Sell 1,000 plorts at the Plort Market

Plort Powerhouse - Sell 2,500 plorts at the Plort Market

Plort Tycoon - Sell 5,000 plorts at the Plort Market

This is self explanatory, but just keep selling plorts as you go through the game, and eventually you'll get there.


Boop! - Let a tabby slime headbutt you right on the nose

Basically just go out in the wild, or bring some back to the ranch and stand there while they're jumping towards you. Tabby's will naturally try to boop you, so it shouldn't be too tough to get one to do it. Just like you have that natural urge to boop that YT membership button!


Catch! - Shoot food into an airborne slime's mouth

Sounds simple enough, and you might even get it accidentally! But if you're aiming to do it on purpose then just wait for a slime to jump into the air and shoot whatever kind of food it likes into it's mouth.

Earning Newbucks Achievements

Fortunate - Earn over 5,000 newbucks

Well-Off Rancher - Earn over 25,000 newbucks

Upper Crust - Earn over 100,000 newbucks

The main way you're going to do this, or really the only realistic way, is to sell plorts. Whether that's by ranching a bunch of slimes (it should be), or just by picking plorts up from out on the range.

A Quick Newbuck

A Quick Newbuck - Earn 5,000 newbucks in a single day

Going along with earning newbucks, there's a slightly harder version of these with "A Quick Newbuck" for earning 5,000 newbucks in a single day. It's not really that hard, just save up enough plorts, wait for their market price to go up, and then sell a bunch in one day to earn at least 5,000.

Up All Night

Up All Night - Stay awake from 6 AM to 6 AM the next day

This you may get without meaning to, but essentially you just need to stay out in the range/out on your ranch for 24 hours. Don't go into your house and sleep or anything like that. There's plenty to do so it shouldn't be an issue.

Jelly Belly Burst

Jelly Belly Burst - Burst a gordo slime

Gordos will be these big boys sitting around the map in different areas that you'll need to feed certain foods depending on the type of slime they are. Once they eat enough, they'll blow up and give you some rewards. Some of which will be slime keys that are required to open up the big slime doors and progress to different areas.

Opening Slime Gates Achievements

Open Says Me - Open a slime gate

Just burst one of the gordos that give you a key and use that key to unlock one of the slime gates. Then you can start getting the achievements for unlocking slime gates to new areas.

Mine, All Mine - Discovered the Quarry

On the Other Side - Discovered the Moss Blanket

Into the Past - Discover the Ancient Ruins

Smoke, Fire, and Mirrors - Discovered the Glass Desert


Renewal - Start bringing life back to the Glass Desert

Once you're in the glass desert you're able to work on "Renewal" for starting to bring back life to the Glass Desert. For this you'll need to solve the puzzles for one of the fountain areas by using plorts to activate the three nearby statues. Then suck up that type of water and spray it on these plants to turn them into little oasis's.


Tasty! - Feed 50 slimes on the Ranch their favorite food

Each slime type has a certain food that they like more than the rest that will make double plorts when you feed them. I'll pull up a chart that shows the favorites of the different slime types here so you can come back and reference it. Largos can eat either of their types favorite foods and produce double plorts of both kinds so definitely take advantage of that.

Ball Pit

Ball Pit - Jump into a corral containing at least 40 slimes

Of course, that just means stick at least 40 slimes in one corral, and then jump on in.

Buck Buck Bagu-

Buck Buck Bagu- - Feed 100 chickens to slimes on the Ranch

You'll need to have some carnivorous slimes on the ranch for this, and you'll probably want a coop with some chickens as well. The numbers you'll want will be four chickens and two roosters to keep them pumping out chickens and use those to feed your slimes.

Free Rangin'

Free Rangin' - Collect 50 plorts on the Range in a single day

This is pretty simple as well, just go out into the range and pick up plorts off the ground. You do have to get all 50 within a day so you'll probably need to shoot some food into the wild slimes to get more plorts, but it shouldn't be too hard to do.

Hasty Exchange

Hasty Exchange - Fulfill a Range Exchange request between Noon and 2 PM

This is going to be the big machine near the main exit of the ranch where you can take on missions to complete for some small rewards. The easiest way to complete one that quickly (because they reset at noon) is to stock up on slimes, food, and plorts so that when you accept a mission you can just pull them out and complete the mission.


Omnivorous - Feed pink slimes on the Ranch 10 different types of food

Pink slimes are the first ones you see and they also are able to eat literally any piece of food. Just feed them 10 different kinds over time and you'll eventually get this.

Not My Morning

Not My Morning - Be knocked out before 10 AM

Basically you'll just want to sleep for the night, then wake up and you can literally just jump off the ledge behind your house to knock yourself out to get this.

Salad Bar

Salad Bar - Have 3 different veggie gardens on the Ranch at the same time

You'll want to purchase some of the ranch expansion areas to do this, but basically just make gardens for the foods you find. Once you get three set up for different kinds of vegetables then you'll get this one.

Fruit Cocktail

Fruit Cocktail - Have 3 different fruit trees on the Ranch at the same time

Just like the last you'll want to make those gardens and once you have 3 types of fruit you'll get the achievement to pop.

While You Were Away

While You Were Away - Return to the Ranch after more than 24 hours

This one can be a little tough to do naturally, but just go out exploring, trying to find some slimes, or go afk for a while. Whatever you have to do to spend 24 full hours outside of the ranch before returning.


Fireworks - Shoot a boom slime largo into the air that explodes before landing

This one has a few steps. First you need to find a boom slime and either take it back to the ranch, or feed it another type of slime's plort to turn it into a largo, then while it's angry you want to suck it up and hold it until it's getting ready to explode. Then shoot it up in the air so that it goes off while flying through the air.

Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded - Have a maximally upgraded corral, coop, and silo on the Ranch

That means you'll need to place down each of those types of items and go up to the upgrade station part of it. Then buy every upgrade you can to max it out. Do that with all three of those kinds and you'll get this one to pop.

Risky Business

Risky Business - Have at least 3 different types of largos in the same corral

Of course that just means you'll need to combine some slimes to get three different combos, then put them all in one corral and you'll get this one to pop. Don't keep them like that though. Too risky.

That Only Works in Comic Books

That Only Works in Comic Books - Stand inside a rad aura for at least 15 seconds

Make sure you have no radiation on you, then suck a rad largo to hold it and keep it on you for 15 seconds. That's going to be the easiest way to do this.

Once Bitten, Twice... Bitten

Once Bitten, Twice... Bitten - Hold onto a tarr for 15 seconds

This is the exact same thing as the last, but you'll need to go find a tarr slime, or make one, and then hold onto it for 15 seconds.