Slime Rancher - 100% Achievement Guide Part 2

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This guide will be going over all of the achievements in Slime Rancher. It's a nice little indie game all about finding different kinds of slimes, ranching them, and even combining them into bigger, even better, slimes. With some story sprinkled in of course.

This guide is split between 2 parts, if you're if you're looking for an achievement not featured in this part, view the other part:

Part 1

Part 2

Achievement Stats

Number of Achievements - 57
True Steam Achievements Score - 937

SteamHunters Score - 9,193

Exophase Score - 8,955

Average Completion Time - 48h 18m
Average Completion Percentage - 45.79%


Carousel - Incinerate an elder chicken

You'll need to build an incinerator, take an elder hen, and then pop it in the incinerator. I know, I know how could you.

You... Monster!

You... Monster! - Send an adorable chick to a fiery end, the same place you're now destined to go

I don't think I need to say anything else about this one...


Diversification - Have at least 10 types of largos on the Ranch

This one will take a bit of work to get done. You need to get these largos somewhere that they're not going to have tarr issues by eating another slimes plort after already being a largo so don't feed them again after they're a largo. Then just work on creating them from different combos until you get it. Even if you do a pink slime combined with every other type they'll all count as different ones so it really isn't THAT difficult to do.

Six Pack

Six Pack - Have at least 6 different types of slimes in the same corral

You just want to make sure not to feed any of these, shove them all into one corral, and you'll get it fairly easily.

Burstin at the Seams

Burstin' at the Seams - Put at least 50 units into each slot of a fully upgraded silo

So of course we first have to place down a silo, upgrade it fully to get all four sides of storage, then fill it with whatever you have a lot of. Whether that be food types, or plorts, as those are the easiest to get a lot of, just fill them up to 50 for every one of those and you'll get this achievement.

Hat Trick

Hat Trick - Obtain at least 3 gold plorts from a single gold slime

This one can be a bit tricky, but once you know what to look, and listen, for it gets pretty simple. You just have to get a little lucky. First you'll want to get up to level 22 of the 7Zee Rewards Club where you unlock golden sureshot. This makes it to where you always get 3 golden plorts from a slime when you shoot food at it.

Then you can either look around for a random golden slime, or find one of the slime vaults that are sitting in each of the biomes. There are a bunch of guaranteed golden slimes in those.

One Person at a Time

One Person at a Time - Join the 7Zee Rewards Club

Simple enough, just go up to your house and you can pay for the membership in that menu.

Color Me Impressed

Color Me Impressed - Use chroma packs to change the color of the ranch house, tech, and vacpack

You'll unlock these periodically as you go up the ranks, and you'll just need to put some kind of color combinations on each of those to get the achievement.

Mint in Box

Mint in Box - Purchase at least 10 different types of slime toys

You'll unlock these throughout the ranks and you'll be able to place down a vending machine to buy them. Just buy 10 different kinds and you'll get this one.

Controlling the Chaos

Controlling the Chaos - Constrain more than 15 slimes in your vac stream at once while on the range

This is pretty simple as well. You'll want to suck in a large amount of slimes first, maybe 30 or so, and then shoot them all into as enclosed of an area as possible. Either a sort of corner of the map, inside of a cave, whatever. Then just start sucking them up and you as long as you have 15 within your vacuum's range you'll get the achievement.

Pool Party

Pool Party - Fill a pond on the Ranch with at least 5 different types of slimes

So first make a pond somewhere, or use the one built into one of the expansions, and you'll want to first have a water slime sitting in there since he'll stay put. Then grab one slime from four different other types. Take those to the pond and shoot them in there for the achievement to pop.

Rush Mode Achievements

Rush Challenger - Reach at least 10,000 newbucks in Rush Mode

Rush Champion - Reach at least 35,000 newbucks in Rush Mode

Rush Plortmaster - Reach at least 75,000 newbucks in Rush Mode

I'm not going to go in depth on this one, but I made a video going over the strategy on how you can get all of these in a specific video guide linked below, or from the written version also linked below.

Slime Rancher - Rush Mode Plort Master Guide

Science Gadget Achievements

Onward... to SCIENCE! - Fabricate your first Slime Science gadget

Bea the Builder - Fabricate 35 Slime Science gadgets

Never Stop Creating - Fabricate 100 Slime Science gadgets

This is done by going over to the science lab building, shooting materials in, and then using the terminal to make different items. And there's a lot of different kinds of things to make.

Best of the Worst

Best of the Worst - Place a tarr on the #1 Slime Stage

The stage is one of the gadgets you can make, then you'll just need to go find a tarr slime, place down the stage, and put that tarr on it.

She's on Fire!

She's on Fire! - Score 50 points in a single game of slimeball

This is another slime gadget and what I found to be the easiest way to take care of this was to make the slimball hoop, put it in the grotto area, and then sit on a ledge with a bunch of pink slimes. And shoot those into the hoop when it comes around to you. Just shoot them as quickly as you can to get as many as possible and that should get you most of the way there. At that point you can just jump around to wherever you need to go to shoot into it, or wait for it to spin back around and do the same thing.

The Hunter Has Become... The Other Thing

The Hunter Has Become... The Other Thing - Snare a Hunter Gordo

You'll need to place down snares until you end up getting a hunter gordo in it. It shouldn't take too many tries to make this happen. There's a specific spot you can put one to seemingly guarantee that you get a hunter gordo right outside of the ranch as well.

Pro Style

Pro Style - Complete the Slimepedia

That means you'll need to get every single slime, food, etc. entry added in your slimepedia. I can do a full video going over all of these and their locations if you guys want, just let me know down in the comments. For now I've got the list of everything included in the slimepedia, but by this point you should have nearly everything other than maybe a slime or two, or maybe a food item.

You'll also want to be making drills, pumps, and apiaries throughout your playthrough in order to get those additional items exclusive to those tools.


Basic Player Controls

Vacpack: Vac-ing and Shooting

Vacpack: Vac Tanks

Vacpack: Health and Energy

Ranching Basics: Corralling Slimes

Ranching Basics: Feeding Slimes

Ranching Basics: Plorts and the Plort Market

Slime Science: Basics

Slime Science: Gadget Mode


Pink Slime - Found Everywhere

Rock Slime - Found Everywhere

Tabby Slime - Found Everywhere

Phosphor Slime - Found Everywhere at night

Rad Slime - Exclusively in The Indigo Quarry

Boom Slime - Found in the Moss Blanket, The Indigo Quarry, and the Glass Desert

Honey Slime - Exclusively in The Moss Blanket

Puddle Slime - Found Everywhere in ponds (Only in the Ring Island in The Dry Reef)

Crystal Slime - Exclusively in the Cinder Grove and Ash Isle in the Indigo Quarry

Hunter Slime - Rarely found in The Moss Blanket and The Glass Desert

Quantum Slime - Found in The Ancient Ruins and The Glass Desert

Fire Slime - Found during Solar Anomalies in The Glass Desert

Dervish Slime - Exclusively in The Glass Desert

Tangle Slime - Exclusively in The Glass Desert

Mosaic Slime - Exclusively in The Glass Desert

Glitch Slime - Exclusively in The Slimeulation

Saber Slime - Exclusively in the Wilds. The are Exclusively Largo's Added in Patch 1.1.0

Quicksilver Slime - Exclusively in The Nimble Valley Added in Patch 1.2.0

Gold Slime - Found Extremely Rarely Everywhere

Lucky Slime - Found Extremely Rarely Everywhere

Largo Slimes - When a normal slime eats a plort that is unlike its own.

Gordo Slimes - In predetermined spots throughout the game and Caught on a Gordo Snare

Party Gordo - Found Somewhere only on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Added in Patch 1.2.2

Feral Slimes - Slimes that are not fed, when a Hunter Largo gets created, or agitated

The Tarr - When a largo eats a plort that is unlike its two main types


Carrot - Found Everywhere

Oca Oca - Exclusively in The Indigo Quarry

Heart Beet - Found Everywhere except in The Moss Blanket

Silver Parsnip - Exclusively in The Grass Desert

Odd Onion - Exclusively in The Indigo Quarry

Gilded Ginger - Found only once per day Extremely Rarely in The Glass Desert Added in Patch 1.0.1

Pogofruit - Found Everywhere

Mint Mango - Exclusively in The Moss Blanket

Cuberry - Found Everywhere except The Indigo Quarry

Phase Lemon - Exclusively in The Ancient Ruins (Shoot any kind of fruit into the tree to harvest a Phase Lemon)

Prickle Pear - Exclusively in The Glass Desert

Kookadoba - Exclusively in the Wilds Added in Patch 1.1.0

Chickadoo - Found Everywhere

Hen Hen - Found Everywhere

Roostro - Found Everywhere

Stony Chickadoo - Found Everywhere

Stony Hen - Found Everywhere

Briar Chickadoo - Exclusively in The Moss Blanket

Briar Hen - Exclusively in The Moss Blanket

Painted Chickadoo - Exclusively in The Glass Desert

Painted Hen - Exclusively in The Glass Hen

Elder Hen - After producing 6 Chickadoos

Elder Roostro - After siring 18 Chickadoos

Spicy Tofu - Exclusively in the Wilds You can Trade 3 Kookadoba for one Spicy Tofu at Ogden's Retreat Added in Patch 1.1.0

Primordy Oil - Everywhere with a Pump

Deep Brine - The Dry Reef with a Pump

Silkey Sand - The Glass Desert with a Pump

Spiral Steam - Everywhere with a Pump Uncommon

Lava Dust - Everywhere with a Pump Rare

Buzz Wax - Everywhere with a Apiary

Wild Honey - The Moss Blanket with a Apiary

Pepper Jam - The Glass Desert with a Apiary

Hexacomb - Everywhere with a Apiary Uncommon

Royal Jelly - Everywhere with a Apiary Rare

Jellystone - Everywhere with a Drill

Indigonium - The Indigo Quarry with a Drill

Glass Shard - The Glass Desert with a Drill

Slime Fossil - Everywhere with a Drill Uncommon

Strange Diamond - Everywhere with a Drill Rare

Echos - Exclusively in The Ancient Ruins (Can be extracted using all extractors and a Echo Net)

Slime Toys - Can be bought by reaching rank 8 and rank 10 in the 7Zee Rewards Club, and can be found around the map








Plort Market

The Overgrowth

The Grotto

The Docks

The Lab

Odgen's Retreat Added in Patch 1.1.0

Mochi's Manor Added in Patch 1.2.0

7Zee Rewards Club

Chroma Packs


The Ranch

The Dry Reef

The Indigo Quarry

The Moss Blanket

The Ancient Ruins

The Glass Desert

The Wilds Added in Patch 1.1.0

Nimble Valley Added in Patch 1.2.0

The Slime Sea

Slime Keys

Slime Science






Warp Tech



Doors Like These

Doors Like These - Discover where Hobson's journey ended, and started once again.

For this you'll need to go to the end of the glass desert and get into last room/area of the map where you'll find another note left by Hobson. Pick that up and you'll unlock the achievement.

The Adventure Continues

The Adventure Continues! - Complete Adventure Mode and set out for what's next.

In order to get this you'll need to be reading the letters you're getting throughout the game, find Hobson's last note, and then sleep for another day or two to get the last letters out of the way. Once you get to the very last one you'll be able to get this achievement.

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